What readers say

If you are concerned about stress in your own life or in your working environment; if you are interested in mindfulness and compassion meditation; or if, like me, you work in health care, and want to explore why it is important to care for yourself, both for your own health and well-being and in order to care for others more effectively, then this is the book for you!
Gavin Cullen

This book is not only a “must-have” for everyone who works with helping people reduce their stress, but anyone who realizes that stress is a part of their own lives will benefit greatly from reading this book.
Tor Magne Handeland

You can dip into this book at any point and are likely to find something that will make a difference to your life no matter what your stress levels.
Alexandra Yule

Read this book! (Full article here)
Erric Solomon

I am a therapist and will be encouraging my clients to read this.
Pete Cowell

It’s much more than about “less stress”, it’s about strengthening your natural compassion for yourself and others.
Paula de Loor

Very clear and inspiring – full of new ideas and connections
Sue Eaton Cullen

This book is very clear. The structure guides the reader through with ease; it’s as if the author takes you by the hand and graciously shows you round.
David Rycroft