Reduce your stress during the week by: giving yourself a break and showing yourself some self-compassion 

The Compassionate Mind Approach to Reducing Stress

Maureen Cooper has been training people in how to incorporate meditation and compassion into everyday life for more than twenty years.

In 2004 she set up Awareness in Action, a consultancy designed to offer this training in the workplace. In this context she has conducted workshops and taken part in conferences in the UK, France, Holland, Ireland, Spain, and Switzerland.

In 2013 her first book, The Compassionate Mind Approach to Reducing Stress was published. This year sees the launch of a new series of workshops based on the book, dealing with the problem of stress—both in the workplace and in private life—and the ways in which compassion training can alleviate these problems.



  • A practical understanding of how stress works

  • An introduction to what compassion is and how it is effective

  • An investigation into the habits that hold us back at work and in life

  • Learning to pay attention

  • The importance of self-awareness

  • How to move towards awareness of others

  • The power of kindness

Unique features

  • Specifically designed to fit the requirements of each group we work with

  • Flexible to suit the amount of training time available

  • Accessible to people with no experience of meditation

  • Practically applicable to work and life situations

  • Backed up by current scientific research into the beneficial effects of meditation and compassion training.


  • Knowledge of several different meditation techniques

  • Familiarity with a series of compassion exercises

  • A model of how to apply all these techniques to their situation

  • The advantage of spending time in discussion and exploration with other people in similar situations

  • An overview of the main research being done in the area

  • A workbook to support them to continue after the workshop